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    16 December 2013 at 2.08 pm

    There are a number of things I have noticed personally (note not an anonymous post, name included!).

    Many interpreters are annoyed about the same things, want the same change but afraid to associate their names to what their thinking is in a public space.

    Yes there are things that are self-serving, the AtW campaign is a good example of that, that said I’m glad to see someone has said something, infact I thought it was a brilliant move and should have happened in the first place, why we didn’t as a community try to organise this before I am unsure.

    I am a BSL user and there is a massive concern as to what is about to happen next, worse even that this is not a Sign Language community exclusive problem, infact its happening in spoken language communities also. Standards eroding, money misspent, unclear audits and end-users getting a very raw deal. Yes many Deaf people don’t always respond to whats happening as morale is already dipping, and I have personally met lots of people who have quit work because their language needs cannot be met, whether its due to budget or someone who thinks they can sign but in reality…. they need work, they know it, and as much as we all love to support each other as a community there are times when being professionally represented you cannot have someone who just can represent your voice right.

    Why hide from the fact that we need to create change, why not embrace it? We need to be less judgemental to the opportunities that are being created, engage with them, support them, and make sure your views are being represented with them, there is so much we can do to fix this space and we no longer need to be anonymous. We aren’t a faceless community, and our voices should all be heard and acknowledged. Without the fear of backlash and harsh criticism. Yes we are bound by the code of conduct but much can be said without breaking regulations so that we constructively move our community forward.

    Brilliant post, and hope more people will be without fear to share their names and respond!

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